Long Haul Flights – How I Actually Watch Movies

For being as interested in pop culture as I am, I am terrible at keeping up with movies. I have a few things I really love and will watch immediately. For instance, anything to do with Star Wars, super hero movies, sometimes historical dramas. Other than that, I don’t go out to see movies and I tend to take longer than necessary to start watching new TV shows – even if I know I will love them. I tend to be a homebody and prefer a night in with video games and wine to going out and seeing movies. Even if there is a movie I want to see, I sometimes have a hard time leaving the house to see it. Because when I am home I don’t get out a lot to see movies, I have developed a slight love of international flights.

Full disclosure, International flights suck. You spend hours in a cramped seat trying and failing to get comfortable. Usually there is a baby or someone coughing in the vicinity. Actually, the only things I enjoy from international flights are the wine, the excitement of being able to start an adventure soon, and getting caught up on all the movies I have been ignoring. I don’t sleep on airplanes and I tend to get motion sickness if I read and the plane suddenly hits turbulence, so movies are a good option for me.

My most recent trip abroad was to the United Kingdom, which is about an 8 hour flight for me. That means I can get more than a few movies in. I finally watched Get Out on that trip, after hearing about it for months from my friends. I also watched Arrival, which was really good, but not as good as I thought it would be. I watched Jackie to appeal to the part of me that loves historical drama films. I also watched Personal Shopper which I thought I would like, but ended up finding pretentious. I love long haul flights because I can get caught up on all the movies I kind of wanted to see, but didn’t.

I don’t motivate myself to go out and see movies when I’m home, even if I want to. When I am stuck on an airplane, I have little else to do but watch the movies I’ve put off seeing due of my multitude of excuses including: “I don’t want to spend the money”,”I don’t want to find a parking spot”,”I hate going to movies on my own and none of my friends want to see this”, and “I’d rather stay in because I can drink wine and not put on pants”

Basically, when I am stuck on my ass for eight hours, it motivates me to get off my ass and actually watch some movies.




image credit: the CIA World Factbook


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